Here at Amore Cattery, we pride ourselves on having healthy kittens and happy new owners. We work hard to make sure our cats are happy, healthy and genetically tested. We stand behind our cat and our kittens. Below are just a few accolades from happy owners.

We purchased a female Maine Coon From Amore Cattery.  We live in Vancouver, Wa. and did not want the kitten to come up by airplane. We drove down to Roseville and brought her back by car.  We had her checked as soon as we got home.  The Vet said she was in good health and later had her spayed.  She is her own person.  She sleeps in a sink, go figure. and loves to play in her 3 way tunnel.  She is most intelligent.  I swear she knows  what you are saying.  She loves to go in the car, but if the roads are too windy, she got sick 1 time.

Nancy Scheewe


We picked up our F2 Savannah, Leo from Connie in December of 2017. He was very well socialized and litter box trained. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave us such great information on feeding, care and the breed in general. I highly recommend Connie and Amore Cattery. I’m absolutely in love with our fur baby and can’t thank Connie enough for the continued support over the years.

Dominique, California


Fiona joined our family February 13, 2020. My husband and I had two senior kitties of 17 years old. When we lost one to cancer early January, leaving us with just one little old man, "Licky", short for Lickety Split. I am in my working years still, but my 78 year old retired husband is a cat man. He lives to take care of felines. He was once a big cat curator for a zoo. So, I needed a kitty that would allow him to do just that. Our home felt so empty. Then we learned about Amore Cattery from a long time animal friend of mine, Gary Fulgham. Been friends for 18 years. I had always wanted a Main Coon cat and he put me in touch with Connie Cutbirth. That day changed our lives forever! Connie was so professional and so informative in what Fiona's needs were going to be. I cannot say enough about her. The exact night we brought her home with us, she was in bed with us and so full of love. Not only is she such a beautiful epitome of the Maine Coon breed, but the traits are so predominant, and on point! She is such a true and wonderful specimen of this wonderful breed. This little girl is going to bring us so much joy!

We would highly recommend Amore Cattery if you are serious about getting a wonderful, quality Main Coon cat, I would never think of looking anywhere else after our experience with Connie.

Thank you so much Connie!

Rhonda & Larry Herman

“After the tragic passing of our previous savannah cat, we adopted our F2 Savannah, Kiwi, from Amore Cattery in 2019.

Kiwi is by far the most unique cat we have ever owned and even as a kitten has the most loving and kind personality we could have hoped for. She’s permanently changed our lives for the better, and we have Connie & Amore Cattery to thank for it.”

                Jarred & Ashley, California

Connie took the time to walk us thru the adoption process with care, I felt comfortable the full way. Our Maine Coon "Purrfect" has been an absolute delight, and we love sending Connie picture of her adjustment to our home.

We would recommenmd this cattery due to her compassion for her animals, and her professionalism in her craft.

I got my baby from Amore cattery a few days ago!! His name is Rocquee Rackoon, He weighs little over 3 pounds, and is my little “Lion”.

He already climbs up my leg (ouch) to be cuddled, he’s in love with my German/husky doggie and eats like a beast! I tried to quarantine him for more than 3 days but I couldn’t handle the crying. Like a real human baby! Lol. He just wants to be held a lot! He’s right by my side all day! Thank you Connie Cutbirth for helping me pick our this beautiful lil guy he is an amazing addition to our family. You raised him underfoot and he shows it well!!

Fina Louise Protopappas




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