Amara Jackpot Joy of Amore  

Joy is a sweetheart and we are expecting wonderful babies from her this spring.   

"Amara Kya of Amore"

Kya is a 62 1/2% F1. We will be breeding her in the spring of 2014

This is Zuri, our future F2 female Savannah breeder

This is Charm, our future upcoming F2 Savannah breeder.

Born May 29th, 2019

This is Nahla our future F2 breeder female Savannah

This is Select Exotics Koa. He is our new Fertile Savannah F5 male. He has just produced his first litter and we are very excited to have hm in our breeding program.

Morocco is our imported stud from Savannah Sweden. He is a lovely boy



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