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Amore Cattery has been breeding Maine Coons and Savannah Cats for over 25 years and is owned by Connie Cutbirth. We have Savannah kittens and Maine Coon kittens on and off throughout the year. I am one of the first 20 savannah cat breeders to start breeding Savannahs. I have been breeding Maine Coons for nearly 30 years.  My goal is to provide the highest quality Savannah Kittens Maine Coon kittens available for excellence, temperament, and exotic appearance.

All of my adults are genetically tested for multiple issues to make sure they are free and clear of any genetic disorders. My kittens are 100% healthy and well socialized. I am proud to put my name and reputation behind my kittens. Here at Amore savannah Kittens, we only breed for early generation F2 and F3 Savannah kittens. We are and have always been a small home based cattery. My Savannahs live with me and all babies are born and raised in my home, not in kennels. They are raised under foot (literally) with other cats and a dog.

Savannahs and Maine Coons are the 2 largest breeds of domestic cats today with the Savannah holding the world record for the tallest cat.

We are a TICA (The International Cat Association) member in good standing for both breeds. Feel free to look around. If you see a kitten that you are interested in, please inquire by contacting us.


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